The year 2000

January 2000 - Establishment of the ZAP-Mechanika Sp. z o.o. company - 100% owned by ZAP S.A.

The year 2001

The transformation of ownership of the company - 100% of shares in private hands. Obtaining EN ISO 9001 Certificate.

The year 2002

Signing long-term contract with the leading company in the global market for the production and supply of parts and components for power tools.

The year 2010

We participate in the Regional Operational Programme for 2007-2013 "Increasing competitiveness of the ZAP-mechanika company through the expansion of the machine park". Measurement laboratory is provided with a third coordinate measuring machine.

The year 2013

Opening Heat Treatment Department with complete measuring laboratory. We participate in the Innovative Economy Operational Programme for 2007-2013.

The year 2014

Expansion of the Heat Treatment Department and commissioning of the new warehouse and production hall.

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